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Catering & Delivery

Bringing Years of Catering Experience to Your Event

With over 10 years of catering experience in the Edmonton area, it’s likely that we’ve “been there, done that” already. This affords you with the advantage of knowing your caterer can adapt to the environment and make your event a success. In fact, it’s quite possible that we’ve offered our catering services in the exact same venue, making us even more familiar and prepared for your upcoming event.

We are a diverse group of catering professionals that can adapt to any type of event and in any type of venue in the Edmonton area. Contact us with the details of your event and learn how our unique approach and services can make a difference in the overall outcome of your event.

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Our Most Common Services & Events

  • Corporate Breakfast
  • Corporate Lunch
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Weddings
  • Dinners
  • Desserts
  • Christmas Parties

Requested Information

February 2020
spaghetti and fried chicken and cheese in a cone
4 spaghetti cones
green spaghetti with cheese in a cone
spaghetti and meatballs with red sauce and cheese in a cone

Catering & Delivery Menu


Add ons:

Danish Pastry $2.50 each
Nutella | Black Forest Cherry | Lemon Pineapple Cream

Breakfast Biscuit $2.50 each

Fresh Mini Cinnamon Buns $2.00 each

Smoked Salmon Benedetto $3.50 each

Eggs Benedetto with prosciutto & havarti Jalapeno $2.50 each

Roasted Vegetable Benedetto $2.50 each

Fresh Fruit Skewers $3.00 each


Entrees - Protein

Choice of two Salads:
Caesar | Tuscan | Spinach | Beet | Mixed Green

Choice of Side:
Red Skin Buttermilk Mashed Potato | Roasted Gnocchi | Rigatoni Pasta with Cream | Marinara Sauce

Choice of Bread:
Focaccia | Bread Rolls

$18.00 per person

Entrees - More