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Make It Your Own
Adobe Hollandaise | Avocado Hollandaise | Farm fresh egg 2
Maple Spiced Potatoes | Croissant | Caramelized peaches | Havarti | Mozzarella | Cheddar | Goat cheese 3
House-made Italian sausage | Bacon | Prosciutto | House-made Chorizo | Roasted Vegetables | fresh fruit 5
Smoked wild Pacific Sockeye salmon | Saskatoon elk cherry sausage 6

Waffles & French Toast

Not available gluten free

Belgian Waffles14.50

Topped with fresh fruit served with whipped cream & maple syrup

Baked Cinnamon Bun French Toast16.00

Served with raspberry compote whipped cream & maple syrup - fresh fruit

Potato Bowls

Roasted Root Vegetable Hash18.00

New - Potatoes topped with two farm fresh eggs, roasted root vegetables served with avocado hollandaise

Smoked Pulled Beef Brisket Hash19.00

New - Potatoes topped with smoked pulled beef brisket with farm fresh eggs any style served with adobe hollandaise


Metaponto Crepe16.00

Cinnamon cream cheese mousse with caramelized peaches served with whipped cream & maple syrup - fresh fruit

Wild Lift Me Up Crepe18.00

Two farm fresh scrambled eggs, Saskatoon elk cherry sausage, asparagus & spinach topped with caramelized peaches - fresh fruit

Napoli Crepe16.00

Two farm fresh scrambledd eggs with roasted vegetables & mozzarella served with adobe hollandaise - fresh fruit

Wild Boar Sour Cherry Sausage Crepe18.00

New - Two farm fresh scrambled eggs with sliced onions, mushrooms, asiago cream sauce with sour cherry chipotle glaze - fresh fruit

Calabrese Crepe17.00

Two farm fresh scrambled eggs with prosciutto & mozzarella  served with creamy tarragon sauce - fresh fruit


Sasktoon Elk Cherry Sausage Omelette18.00

Three farm fresh eggs, Saskatoon elk cherry sausage, red pepper, feta cheese - multigrain toast - maple spiced potatoes - fresh fruit

Roasted Vegetable Omelette18.00

New - Three farm fresh eggs, roasted vegetables, goat cheese - multigrain toast - maple spiced potatoes - fresh fruit

Smoked Pulled Beef Brisket Omelette19.00

New - Three farm fresh eggs, smoked pulled beef brisket, red pepper & goat cheese - multigrain toast - maple spiced potatoes - fresh fruit


Lite Breakfast10.00

Two farm fresh eggs any style - toast - fresh fruit

Tiramisu Sunrise13.00

Vanilla yogurt topped with granola, hemp & chia seeds - croissant - oranges


Two farm fresh eggs any style - maple spiced potatoes - locally made Italian sausage or wild boar sour cherry sausage 2 - croissant - fresh fruit

Bacon Sandwich16.00

Farm fresh eggs scrambled with bacon & mozzarella with tomato, spicy mayo on a house made loaf - maple spiced potatoes - fresh fruit

House Specials

Breakfast Pizza16.00

Fresh avocado spread, roasted vegetables & farm fresh egs any style on house made crust

Spaghetti Benny18.00

Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, chilli pepper flakes, crispy Italian sausage & bacon topped with two poached farm fresh eggs, avocado hollandaise & fresh tomatoes

Benedetto di Salmone19.00

Smoked wild Pacific Sockeye salmon, sautéed spinach, two poached farm fresh eggs topped with avocado hollandaise on an English muffin - maple spiced potatoes - fresh fruit

Asparagus Risotto18.00

Red onions, garlic, asparagus sautéed in butter and parmigiano with two poached farm fresh eggs

Eggs Benedetto16.00

Spicy havarti, prosciutto, two poached farm fresh eggs topped with adobe hollandaise served on an english muffin - maple spiced potatoes - fresh fruit

Risotto Dolce Brule18.00

Cooked with cream & cinnamon maple syrup finished with caramelized brown sugar & topped with caramelized peaches & whipped cream

Tiramisu Sausage Benedetto17.00

House made chorizo style sausage sautéed with mushrooms and red onion, two poached farm fresh eggs on an English muffin topped with adobe hollandaise - maple spiced potatoes - fresh fruit

Baked Eggs16.00

Two farm fresh eggs baked in tomato, spinach & mozzarella with crispy baguette

Lunch & Dinner


Avocado Crab Tiramisu18.00

House made spicy avocado spread layered with crab meat served with crostini

Fresh Mussels in Red Curry Cream Sauce18.00

New - Leak, wine and red curry cream sauce

Baked Brie With Peppercorn Fig Jam17.00

New - Served with spicy peppercorn fig jam


Fontina & parmigiano risotto balls in panko crumbs

Pomodoro Bruschetta12.00

Fresh diced tomato, garlic, basil, olive oil, sea salt & pepper on crostini

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta16.00

Fresh avocado spread, smoked wild Sockeye salmon, red onion, capers, lime juice on crostini

Smoked Beef Brisket17.00

New - Smoked pulled beef brisket with tomato poblano chutney & lime honey served with fresh baguette

Soups & Salads


Daily featured, made fresh served with house made bread
Half 5 | Full 7

Wild Arugula Pear Salad

New - Arugula, pear, gorgonzola, walnuts, spicy pecans & poppy seeds with pineapple vinaigrette

Wild Kale Caesar13.00

Baby wild kale greens, crispy prosciutto, croutons, capers & parmigiano, house made caesar dressing

Beet Salad11.00

Beets, mixed greens, goat cheese, grapefruit & balsamic vinaigrette

Tuscan Salad

Mixed greens, red onion, grape tomato, cucumber, red pepper, croutons, walnuts, olives & dijon vinaigrette

Spnach Salad

Spinach, dried blueberries, spicy pecans, gorgonzola & spicy pineapple vinaigrette

Lunch Features

Served with tossed salad or baked potato wedges
Upgrade your salad 2 or soup 2

Italian Gourmet Burger18.00

House made patty, bacon, caramelized onions, roasted red pepper, provolone cheese, lettuce & tomato on a house made Italian bun

Vegetarian Burger19.00

House made beet & chickpea burger, avocado spread, lettuce & tomato, provolone cheese on a gluten free bun

Chicken Burger18.00

House made breaded chicken breast, caramelized apple, brie cheese, wild arugula, Dijon aioli on a house made Italian bun

Goat Cheese Panini16.00

Fresh avocado spread, caramelized apple & pear, goat cheese, wild arugula & peppered honey drizzle on a house made loaf

Bistecca Panini16.00

Brased beef with onions, mushrooms & green peppers in house made BBQ sauce with mayo and jalapeño havarti on a house made loaf

Dinner Features

Available after 4:30pm

Chicken Cordon Bleu26.00

Chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto, provolone & mozzarella served with smoky tarragon crème fraîche - spaghetti marinara - vegetables

AAA Dry Rubbed Ribeye (10oz)32.00

 New - Served with bourbon pink peppercorn cream  sauce - panfried gnocchi - vegetables

Beef Cannelloni26.00

New - Stuffed with ricotta and spiced ground beef &  spinach served with beef ragu sauce - tossed salad

Fresh Icelandic Arctic Char28.00

Topped with Herb Pistachio & maple chipotle glaze - asparagus risotto - vegetables

Pan Roasted Fresh Water Walleye29.00

New - Served with sundried tomato tarragon butter - panfried gnocchi - vegetables

Pot Au Feu27.00

New - Mussels, Argentinian pink shrimp & hot sage saffron broth and mixed vegetables • garlic toast

AAA Sirloin (8oz)28.00

New - Served with panfried gnocchi  - garlic baguette - vegetables

House Pizza


Marinara sauce with mozzarella & fresh basil


Asiago sauce with gorgonzola & mozzarella, green apple, Peruvian peppers & walnuts


Marinara sauce with bocconcini, prosciutto, mushrooms & Peruvian peppers


Marinara sauce with mozzarella, roasted vegetables & parmigiano


New - Asiago cream sauce with dried mushrooms, anchovies, mozzarella & parsley


Gluten free 3

Tiramisu's Spaghetti & Meatballs16.00

Marinara, house made meatballs & parmigiano without meatballs


Aglio olio, roasted vegetables & goat cheese
Add prawns 6 or grilled chicken 5

Coconut Curry13.00

Coconut curry sauce. Contains peanuts
Add roasted vegetables 5 or prawns 6


Basil pesto & sun-dried tomatoes
Add grilled chicken 5 or prawns 6


Gorgonzola cream sauce, caramelized apples
Add grilled chicken 5 or prawns 6

Aglio Olio11.00

Garlic, olive oil, chili flakes, sea salt & pepper, parmigiano
Add house made Italian sausages 5


Asiago cream sauce & funghi
Add grilled chicken 5 or wild smoked salmon 6


Crispy bacon tossed with fresh egg parmigiano
Add gorgonzola 3 or grilled chicken 5

Salmone e Limone19.00

Smoked wild Pacific Sockeye salmon, asiago cream sauce, basil, asparagus & limoncello
Add prawns 6

Sorpresa di Mare20.00

Clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari in a white wine lemon pesto sauce with olives & grape tomatoes
Add grilled chicken 5 or house made Italian sausage 5


House made sundried tomato pesto cream sauce & house made Italian sausage, walnuts, baby wild arugula & parmigiano
Add Saskatoon elk cheery sausage 6

Lobster Mac & Cheese24.00

New - Lobster sauteed with leaksin mascarpone cream sauce baked with old cheddar
Add prawns 6

Beef Ragu17.00

Alberta beef ragu in tomato sauce & parmigiano
Add house meat meatballs 5


Chickpea Risotto16.00

Chickpeas sautéed with red onions & masala curry sauce

Lobster Risotto24.00

New - Lobster sautéed in butter sage garlic sauce with mascarpone cream cheese

Wild Forest Mushroom & Chicken Risotto19.00

Wild forest mushrooms sautéed in garlic, grilled  chicken & parmigiano

Coconut Curry Risotto17.00

New - Roasted vegetables with light coconut curry sauce 

Sun-Dried Tomato Pest Spinach Risotto17.00

New - Spinach sautéed with garlic, sun-dried tomato pesto and gorgonzola cream sauce